Friday, January 21, 2011


Aiight...*whew*...that was some hellacious-ass shit, right there.

Folks, we still technically haven't "gone public" with the Unicron stand. Can you believe that!? We were planning on making an announcement on CollectionDX, along with a video review and comparison with a stand! But last Thursday, someone got wind of the noize over at TBDX ('cause I mean, no one reads this blog! :P ), and posted it on it was all over from there!

And so, here's the deal: as of last night--in a mere seven days--we are all sold out of Unicron stands!!

I'm fucking spent! ...And my post office thinks I'm smuggling WMDs! HAHAHA!!

Nah, for real, though, THANK YOU to all the heads who've ordered a stand (or two, in a few cases). If you've just paid in the last couple days, I've got some more to ship tomorrow and hand-deliver later this month, but that's it. Everyone else, if you've paid, your stands are in the mail!

And we've already got some happy customers! Check it:
[By all means, keep sending me pics like this! I love 'em!]

Now, here's the deal: I'm getting more from my distributor. I don't know if these'll end up popping up on eBay someday, but I figure I'll nip this in the bud right now: do not pay flipper prices for these stands...ever. I can make more at any time...just be patient. No need to feed eBay scalpers...

So if you want a stand, you have a couple options right now: 1) you can contact me and pay for a stand now, which would *guarantee* one from the next wave, and it would be shipped immediately upon receiving them from our distributor (in a month or so), or 2) you can simply watch the blog for my announcement of the next wave's arrival, and just place your order then. Either way is fine me, so go with whatever makes sense for you. Or, y'know, you could go on the TF boards, curse me out, and say I'm worse than Hitler... ;)

ANYWAY...let's get down to business. Yeah, real news. Saucer Animal Gin Gin.

The second wave of the Yojimbo figures are being produced as we speak, and I expect them to arrive soon. A couple are already reserved, so I think that leaves about three left. Some heads already have theirs, and their response has been fantastic! And of course, one of the greatest honors...the Chairman with his Yojimbo:


Fuck yeah.

As for the final painted Gin Gins, we're having ONE more prototype made. Yeah, another delay? No shit! being a perfectionist. But then again, this is my motherfucking baby...and he's paving the way for many more toys like this in the future!

This time around, we're developing some extra hardware to compensate for some mold problems we saw with the last prototype (the crystal clear one I posted pics of). I'm hoping to get that prototype, plus the hardware, early next week...then off to the metal casters. Another week or so, and we should hopefully have final metal. The paint is ready to be sprayed and stickers ready to be applied. I'm gonna clean up the box art a little bit...and we'll be good to go (again, HOPEFULLY) in under a month!


  1. I'd like a painted Yojimbo, how canI reserve one? I don't see any contact info. I'm @chogokin on twitter if you want to contact me there.

  2. Hey demize!

    Thanks for commenting. Heh...well, the *point* of the Yojimbo version of Gin Gin is that it's not painted! ;)

    What will happen in the next month or so is that once the first production Gin Gin figure is approved, I will start accepting preorders. Each toy will be hand-made to order and shipped out one by one! There won't be a need to order in any specific time frame--if more people want them, I will simply make more! No limits!

    When the time comes, to order, just e-mail me by clicking the **Contact Brownnoize** link on the right!


  3. Great I'm really liking the idea of characters that we're never produced being well, produced. The only other one I've ever seen was a gokin bullmark type "reproduction" of some odd kaiju, can't remember which, maybe you know what I'm talking about. Anyway look toward to the final product.

  4. Oh, now you got me curious...could you be thinking about something from Marushin like their Garuban chogokin? Or, hell, you could just be thinking of the Bullmark Zinclons or the Ark Arklons.

    But anyway, yeah, I'm glad you're digging this idea! Once Gin Gin drops, I'm going immediately into developing the next villain robot...only this time, I'll be documenting the ENTIRE fucking y'all can laugh and cry with me through the whole ordeal! ;)

  5. No, this was a gokin Garamon, fan produced, done up in a Bullpet style box. I can't remember where I saw it, it was a few years back.

  6. Ah-HAH!! Ya ask the right questions, ya get the right answers!! ;)


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