Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Situation normal: all fucked up

Well, some fairly big news for the Foe Gokin project this I'll get right to it. We are actually converting to resin cast arms! So why the change? Well, the process of going from resin prototype arm parts to vulcanized rubber mold (for pewter casting) is an extremely hot one: at least ~250 degrees F. The prototype parts can't really withstand that for long, so the thin arm shields start to warp a bit. Those of you who picked up the Yojimbo Gin Gin release might have noticed a very slight wobble in the shields if you look at them directly edge-on.

The warping is mad subtle and hard to notice at all. Normally, I wouldn't give a shit...but here's the problem: that wobble is fucking the stickers! The stickers for the shield detail obviously need to lay down flat on the conic shield surface, but with the warping, the straight edges of the stickers now need to be scalloped a little to fit properly. That sucks.

So now, we're investigating getting just the arms produced by a local resin caster. Resin is dimensionally reliable, and all the shit will get painted the same way, of course. There should be no visual difference...except, I guess, for the lack of wobble. One nice benefit is that resin is MUCH lighter than pewter, with lighter arms, there'll be a lot less stress on the shoulder joints (not that there was any arm-sagging with the all-metal figures...but whateva). But anyway, the stickers should be straight and ultimately, if ya think about it, the Popy STs had plastic arms, now Gin Gin will be even more like his forefathers! Br-r-r-r-RAPP!!

Oh, one more quick thing: I've finally settled on a packing system: I'm going with a memory foam blanket to cradle the figure inside the box. It's dope as hell! VERY classic Popy-style. Stay tuned for final packing images as they become reality...

Anyway, moving right along, check it out: Wave 3 of the mighty Throne of Chaos has arrived! I'm already in the midst of processing preorders, so they should be going out by the end of the week. Thanks to all who've ordered, of course, and THANK YOU for your patience. I understand these things take quite a bit of time to do right...and I've heard nothing but good things from those who've bought them!

So, get 'em while they're hot!

Next up, Blazing Sword news! I think I mentioned last time that I was getting a 3D print made of just the handle to test its fit in his hand. Well, I got the part last week...and, yo, it's pretty sick! Check out these pics!


The fit is CRAZY-rock solid. Even if this were somehow produced in diecast metal(!), it would be stable in Jumbo Dairugger's hand. Heh...who knows if his shoulder would be able to take the strain! Anyway, as it turns out, there's actually a tiny bit of expansion from CAD to 3D print (I used Shapeways' "white, strong, & flexible" or "WSF" material). Granted the expansion is only .22%, but it's there.


I had to tweak some dimensions and round some edges in the CAD model for aesthetic reasons, but this proof of concept makes this little project a LOT closer to reality. I've ordered another print, but this time with more of the hilt (actually, the complete sword guard and the first inch or so of blade). To keep shit cheaper, I hollowed out a lot of the part so it won't kill my wallet. Even with that, the updated handle costs $60! well. All this shit's for fun!

Let's see...all that's left is MUSCLE news. Well, as always, constant elevation, but not a TON to report. I'm actually waiting on some new prints from Shapeways using their new "frosted ultra detail" material (FUD)--which boasts a tolerance of .1mm (thus beating out their Objet "white detail" material's .2mm tolerance). This is that joint from 3D Systems I mentioned last time. Anyway, once I clock that FUD shit, I'ma go to work with the local resin casters I mentioned above and see what we can come up with for baby Gin Gin and AshuraShine!

There's a LOT more MUSCLE stuff in the works...but it's all conceptual at this stage. If shit pans out, I'll spill it here, of course. But that's all I've got this week. Easy.

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