Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unicron Stand Redux!

Guys, I'm putting together a bigger post with the usual progress pics (and tales of woe!) for next week, but I wanted to post some exciting and immediate news. Due to popular demand, I'm pleased to announce the Return of the Throne of Chaos! Yup, Brownnoize Productions' very first TF accessory is going to be available again for at least a limited time.

Need a refresher on this thing? Check out EmGo's killer youtube review:

Ever since BBTS sold out of these Unicron display stands, I've been getting a fairly steady stream of requests from folks for them. Of course, with a day job, my other toy design projects, a girlfriend...y'know--a life!...I simply lacked the resources to offer them anymore. So with a heavy heart, I had to turn away these fellow Chaos cultists! Well, I've been talking it over with my kingpin, Dave, and when we asked our acrylic fabricator if he'd be willing to go back to producing the small batches we were doing before, he said he was all in! WU-TANG!

So things are going to work pretty much the same as before. At first, just to feel things out, we're gonna do a preorder for the initial wave. All ordering and other correspondence will be going through Dave @ unicronstands at, but as usual, feel free to hit me up with any questions using the **Contact Brownnoize** link to the right. Depending on how things go, we may offer them perpetually, but for now, we're just focused on hooking up the folks who've been anxious to get these things for ages.

That's pretty much all there is to it--just holla at Dave and he'll guide you through Paypal-ing the money, and once we have a critical mass of preorders, it's off to our fabricator! The response so far has been pretty THANKS, EVERYONE!!


  1. Glad to see you're still producing these. I love how simple and elegant the design is.

  2. Thanks, man! Yeah, I like how it's so simple and effective as well...and I'm also happy we're able to make them locally in the US. Not that I'm knocking all the other toys we're into that're obviously made in China or Japan, but it's nice that we've been able to do the "right thing" with this project...even if it's just a small victory! ;)


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