Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summit Rumblings

Okay, a couple weeks later and about three days away from the Summit. Where you at?

Well, this year, shit's gonna be off the fucking hook! I know, I know...I KEEP saying that...but I'm saying...something big's gonna happen this year. I have a feeling the Godfather (Alen, founder of TBDX) has some big announcement he's keeping close to the vest. Meanwhile, I have the honor of hosting Jim M ("vintagevinyl" from skullbrain) and Hillsy (from...everywhere). Weep for my liver... ;)

As for me, I've got some custom exclusives that will definitely melt some fucking eyeballs...but no standard production toys as yet. Don't worry if you're not gonna be at the Summit: you're not gonna miss Gin Gin's official drop or anything huge like that. Anyway, the exclusives will be in the same vein as the Yojimbo: very limited treats for those keeping up with my crazy adventures in toy-making.

Oh, not sure if I'd mentioned this before, but Matt "Dead Presidents" Walker, insane mastermind behind Monster Kolor, will be attending. He and I have a couple surprises that should definitely shake some shit up. And trust me, that's a significant understatement.

Anyway, one small bit of bad news: the now-legendary Goldrake coin-op kiddie ride will sadly NOT be making the trip up to the North Shore this weekend. Heh...last time we worked on it, we kinda left it in a somewhat-organized pile of parts. The motor cowling is in place, but isn't bolted down. The cockpit ring is completely disassembled, even if the parts are back where they should be. Basically, it's good for photo-ops, but no one can sit in it. As such, we're leaving it at the crib. Plus, with such a big social event going on, does anyone actually wanna button this thing back together, rent a pick-up, and schlep it all the way up to Beverly? Nah...fuck that shit.

And it ain't like it's ready to toss our fat asses around anyway. :P Yeah, we got the running lights working...but not much progress since then! We've got to track down a motor that works...and is fucking metric! Roughly .8 Horsepower...and I guess the bolt pattern on the mounting flange is in fucking millimeters! Anyway, I think we're gonna be busy working on this thing for the next year or so...and if we're lucky, it'll be making its public debut--fully functional--at the next Summit!

As for updates on the major projects, everything's kinda on hold because of the Summit. When things pick back up again in a couple weeks, it all comes down to our resin-casting resources. All those details should shake out soon and by then, I should at least have some idea when we'll have resin-cast arms for Foe Gokin Gin Gin, as well as "baby" MUSCLE Gin Gin. In the meantime, I've gotta get off my ass and push through the next Foe Gokin (and MUSCLE) design. always...there are a few other side projects that are either too embryonic to mention, or they're collaborations where I'm not at liberty to divulge the 411!

Which basically means you need to hit me up at the Summit, feed me some beers, and listen to the tirade spew outta me! Aiight, I'm out...til next time.

Oh shit--one quick thing I almost forgot: Guess who's going to see Sade next week in San Jose! Mm-hmm...that's right!!

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