Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Secrets, secrets, secrets...

Man, you'd think I just gave up or some shit! :P Haha...definitely not--but I do feel like I owe y'all a status report.

Well, before I do, I wanna remark about some interesting shit I've been noticing. One of the funny things about being involved in the creative side of a typically consumer-based hobby like this...is SECRETS! A lot of us are doing making websites, making comics, painting toys, making toys...with out-of-pocket money. And ain't none of us lamping on any fat yachts. Punk rockers call it "DIY", and I'd like to think that spirit isn't dead. But the thing is, in order to keep doing this stuff, and keep it fresh, and keep from over-hyping your shit, ya gotta maintain your secrets!

So what generally happens is you keep all your shit on the down-low, then pop as soon as you're ready to drop. Sure, you can release a little teaser info here and there (like the pics below) just to connect with your people and generate a little buzz before shit blows up. That's legit. But that's MAD different from some of the bullshit out there--not to digress--like the NagNagNag soft vinyl toy (don't know? better not ask somebody--trust me). But the reality is that you don't want to over-promise...then under-deliver later, y'knowmsayin? What sucks more than having your expectations for an ill movie get inflated...only to have it suck when it finally comes out? And not only that: it also sucks to drop all this info about a release...and then have delays after delays after delays keep pushing it off until no one fucking cares anymore (hey, that sorta happened with the Super7 Jumbo Stormtrooper).

Heh...so my "plan" was to create this blog only a couple weeks before the first toy was ready to ship. Didn't quite make it, huh? ;) It's all good, though. Make progress every day, they say. And that's what's happening. Packaging is finally almost done...and y'all should thank your gods that I spared you that nightmare (let's just say I'm on my third fucking printing company). And most importantly, I should have what I'm hoping is the final prototype in my hands by the end of the week. I think at that point, some legit photos will be in order!

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