Thursday, August 19, 2010

East Coast Chogokin Summit

Been almost a couple weeks since my last update, but don’t get it twisted. Things are proceeding quite nicely. Trust me! Even with the cat mostly out of the bag among the inner circle folks, we’ve got some surprises in the works for ya.

But enough of that, I just wanted to talk about the Summit real quick. This year…fantastic. The turnout was incredible, but more importantly than that, we just had a dope time having great conversation with a solid crew of heads. We had a lot of the local Massholes including the Godfather, Alen, and of course greats like Josh DX (JoshB), Josh ST (fraser), Ed (atease), Mason (mcfitch), Keith F., and Dave (Nekrodave). We had cats from all along the eastern seaboard like Jason (Jerilock), Mark (machinesoldier), Dan and Nadia (shogundan, and shogunnadia), and Chris (ChrisM). Solid heads like Ben (Prometheum5), Jon (repairtechjon), Charles (chachipower), Dan (Anavel), and Josh (The Enthusiast) were on hand as well and added much to the event. Legends in the vinyl game, liquidsky and locomoto566 were there to rep kaiju…I just wish there was more time to pick their brains about what they collect and what they think of the “vinyl scene”…

Naturally, assorted toy widows and widowers abounded.

And I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of other “regulars” (apologies)…

But what blew my mind the most was the number of new folks that showed up. There were local folks like the brothers, Chris and Scott, and Mecha Zone’s David White, who knew about us through these sites, but had never registered. Well, they not only showed up to the Summit to meet us all (a tremendous honor), but also brought tons of toys and a genuine desire to hang out, get to know the crew, and share the love.

I’ll be sure to get my pics uploaded soon…I’m a fucking lazy chooch. But for now, there’s plenty of shit for y’all to sift through. There’s a brog on TBDX, it’s accompanying threadand a completely separate lead-up thread on the OT. On CDX, there’s a dope photo thread and a wrap-up thread with some killer video.

Cookout. Toy talk. Retiring to Mason’s lair for some Grandizer-watching and a skype call from the Chairman. Dinner at local diner. Dim sum the next morning. All amazing. If y’all are around the Boston area next summer, holla.

I'll leave you a nice shot JoshF took at the Summit...and yet another random teaser:


  1. Judging from the shot Josh took, GIN GIN looks very nice. I love the attention to detail given to his curved horns. My most sincere congratulations. Can't wait to have it!

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Patrick! Hate to sound like a douche, I don't recognize your name. Sounds like you caught the coverage at CDX or TBDX, but I don't know if you're a regular poster at either spot. I like to know my fans! ;)

    Either way, thanks again! I can't wait for the release, myself!


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