Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spinning Head Sunshine update!

What's shaking, folks?

I just wanted to post a quick update mostly regarding Spinning Head Sunshine. Well, my Shapeways store is up and running and it's ready to take your monies. :P Seriously, I did what I could to keep the prices down--you shoulda heard the swearing as I tried to hollow out the 3D Systems version...but what can ya do? They charge--a LOT--by volume. :/


Still, there is good news! As it turns out, the SLS polyamide version is not only affordable (from the perspective of a custom MUSCLE-style minifig anyway!), but they actually look killer in the different colors available! Peep this:

IMG_20130620_113551_892 IMG_20130620_113910_838

I was honestly SHOCKED to see how well these came out. I just assumed with the polishing, all the detail would be lost. Sure, the surface still has a very fine grainy texture, but you can still clearly make out the ridges between the "bricks". Even my logo on the bottom of the feet is easy to see!


So, naturally, I've been plastering this stuff all over my instagram...and I definitely recommend following me to keep up with my misadventures! You'll get WAY more timely instagram updates than the usual walls of text over here. :P I won't be abandoning my blog anytime soon, though, because it's critical for posting details that just aren't appropriate for a quick photo caption...

And before I jet, here's a couple pics I already instagrammed. ;)

A couple weeks ago, I was up at Minutia Studios HQ, purveyors of dope skateboard decks and apparel designed by my buddy, Larry. Well, Larry has joined the Brownnoize family to help a brotha out with Gin Gin stickers and other graphics-related stuff.

At @minutia HQ working on stickers for #gingin. Larry's a master at Illustrator and can fabricate just about anything! #Brownnoize #diy #diy4life #arttoy #arttoys #customtoy #customtoys #Japanesetoys #3dprinting #Grendizer #Goldorak #goldrake #Grandizer #

Well, let's just say for now that with Walker in charge of paint and Larry in charge of stickers, Gin Gin is firing on all cylinders!

@Minutia HQ part 2. Progress! Flexible vinyl decal on a conic surface. Not a simple task to predict the distortion of the LOTS of test fitting...  #Grendizer #Goldorak #goldrake #Grandizer #forcefive #uforobogrendizer #shogunwarriors #Brownn


  1. Is that hot pink or violet that you're rocking in the picture above?

  2. Hey Jeremiah! That's hot pink above. I don't think I've ever tried their violet, but going by the pics on Shapeways' website, it definitely looks more purple-y. :)

  3. I figured as much... I went ahead and canceled my order and switched to hot pink to go with blue. My eyes were playing tricks on me. ~Miah

  4. Oh cool--glad they were able to cancel it. Anyway, thanks for the support, buddy!

  5. They just give you store credit, so I was able to re-order no problem.

    You're welcome... been waiting to get my hands on a body for spinshine. Wasn't feeling the clear, but when I saw your photos in the blue and hot pink I was sold. I was also glad to know that the detail wasn't sacrificed for that material.

  6. That's cool of them. I was just afraid they'd give you crap, saying that the print was already in progress or something...guess you caught em early enough!

    Now...I might just have to come up with a suit design for the pyramid Sunshine! ;)


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