Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Reverend sells out!

Aiight well, not really! But anyway, I'm back from my West Coast adventures. Been back for a couple weeks now, actually. And, oh, have these couple weeks been busy!

For real, yo, this is some BIG news. Y'know, it's one thing to continue striving towards the dream: a 100% locally homegrown chogokin. But with such a lofty goal--and with so many fundamental changes and setbacks along the way--it's easy to lose focus, y'knowmsayin? Well that's where all the side projects come in. They're great creative outlets. They don't demand too much of my time and resources. And they help me keep my edge.

The highest profile--by far!--side project has clearly been the "Throne of Chaos" Unicron display stand. Besides using TBDX as a focus group, it was a solo effort. Since there were no collaborations involved, I could make the process completely transparent and share my progress in real time. And to see the project go from concept, to CAD design, to fabrication, and ultimately to final product for's wild feeling, yo.


So what's with the "sell out"??? Partly thanks to the wild popularity of the exclusive 2011 Unicron, stand sales have hit a critical mass in terms of popularity. They've been discovered! And now, y'all can purchase the Throne of Chaos directly from! Can you dig it?? As of right now, I'm out of the retail game for these guys.

Over the last nine months or so, these stands have blown up the spot. Nah, hardly the highest-selling 3rd party TF accessory out there, but I've turned around about 100 units. That's a lot for one chooch from outta nowhere on the internets! And the folks who threw down have raved about their purchases. It's gratifying to know that you've created something that people are actually feeling...let alone having added a quality item to the far-reaching Transformer toy pantheon.

Of course, for those who've already paid for preorders from me, I'll certainly honor those orders. Everyone else, I'll refer to BBTS or any other retailers who decide to pick these up (naturally, I'll be sure to announce any new retail deals here!).

So Joel at BBTS posted his preorder offer for the stand last Thursday, but there hasn't been an e-mail newsletter mentioning it since then. Hell, it hasn't even shown up on their front page yet. But y'know what? Joel's already taken more preorders than stands I've sold in my entire time producing them! That's some hardcore shit, right there. I'm big-time, baby! ;)

Well, that's it for now. Again, I'm really proud of this accomplishment...and even more pleased with all the love TBDX cats and other TF fans have shown since this ride began. And, hey, just because BBTS is taking over the public show, I'm still running shit behind the scenes. I still wanna hear feedback (positive or negative) from y'all. Get at me via the "Contact Brownnoize" link on the right!


  1. Hey Sanjeev, just wanted to say a big "congratulations" and much love to you. I've been following this project for a long time and I'm so glad that not only did you accomplish your goal, but made a quality piece as well. Now many others will get to enjoy the stand too... thanks so much and cheers to you sir!

  2. What's shaking, R? I appreciate the words! Yeah, those who've ordered from BBTS (and there've been a LOT of 'em) should be getting their stands in about a month or so. I'm gonna have a few extras available directly from me, but it's great to have these things be more "accessible" via BBTS.

    Anyway, thanks again. I've been busy, but I'll be sure to update the blog real soon with the latest on the stands and all the other crazy projects we have going on!


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