Monday, July 4, 2011

Yo, can't beat this weather...

...So you know I had to pop outside with my camera for a minute to take some dumb pictures in the sunshine!


^^I love this shot! I noticed the other day that I have a *bunch* of Gin Gin MUSCLE prints laying around from various material tests, design tweaks, and other goofy experiments. So...why not pile 'em all up!

This guy's extra special:

This is a "transparent detail" (Objet) print from Shapeways...but I had Walker hit 'im with his heavy duty clear-coat. Heh...the shell's probably tougher than the material inside, but just check out that ill gloss!


The coat was probably too thick, overall--it's actually obscuring a bunch of the minute detail...but whateva, man. It was fun to mess with.

Next up, I just wanted to take a shot of AshuraShine next to one of the legit Ashuraman figures:


Heh...I have no idea how this never occurred to me before, but showing them off side by side just seems natural! Obviously, y'all can see how I tried to keep the position of the arms kinda consistent...even if the hand gestures are different.


And just assembling some Gin Gin figures today (yes, the actual Foe Gokin joints!). I never got around to gluing the Tohoku version properly, so that's all set now...and what you see is the very last of the Yojimbo versions (sorry, it's long been spoken for...I just need to hand-deliver it to a special fan)!


Don't worry--more Foe Gokin are coming. And in a big way.

In fact, I've got plenty of cool stuff in the works. Watch for another news update real soon...I'ma get back to chillin' in this heat! ;)

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