Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's the latest??

No pics this time...sorry!

But I can give you some dope news this time around. Check why are there so many prototypes shown in that last blog post anyway? I mean, it ain't like we playing around and just pumping these figures out in different colors & shit! :P

We are knee-deep in the material testing phase right now. Don't that sound fresh??? That yellow joint below is currently over at the fabricator's shop getting tested for suitability. Suitable for what? Well, it'll all become clear eventually. That lil dude's getting sacrificed to the volcano as we speak...but the sacrifice will NOT be in vain. I'll just say for now that if all goes well with these tests, a final prototype will be built...and it's off to get produced. Actual production toys!

Could y'all actually see this motherfuckin' toy by the holidays??? Maybe...just maybe!

And in the meantime...the packaging is complete.

Stay tuned... ;)

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