Friday, July 30, 2010

The toy Master Plan

The idea is to make toys that *I* would actually want...not toys that are "hot" or controvertial. Toys that stand on their own merits. Not things that make you cool because you possess them. I want these toys to be made entirely in the US. I know that's gonna be hard with sofubi kaiju, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Check it, I also have a day job (NOT toy-related) that's funding all these projects. On any given project, if I take a bath, I take a bath. I'll have a closet full of dope toys that I actually made--my way--and that's cool with me. In other words, there will be NO dick riding or selling-out just to pimp these things. Integrity actually means something to me.

And my goal isn't to shove my political views down anyone's throats, but it's important to me that y'all know that these things we make will be made by hand in the US...and my prices will be set just a hair over what they cost me to make them. If I have to, I'll make them one-by-one to order. As a middle-class USer with a job, I have the privilege to do that I'ma do that shit.

Okay, so the near-future plan. My first major release is on some top secret shit like Val Kilmer. Plenty of madness is going on behind the scenes as I type this. Why the secrecy? Well, I'm not trying to make all these ill announcements and generate all this bullshit hype to whip up heads into a frenzy...only to have delay after delay piss people off. As a fan, I hate that why would I make others go through that nonsense just for my shit? And besides, even if there aren't any delays at all, like Chuck D says, Don't Believe the Hype. Remember, toys that stand on their own merit. Nah, I'ma start leaking info when shit's really ready to drop. And then, when everything's boxed and ready to ship, I'll make the big announcement. That'll give me the time necessary to work the bugs out of my system at a chill pace. No deadlines to meet means I can focus on getting shit right.

But believe me...this is fucking killing me! I'm a fan first, remember, so I want to share everything with you guys. So, basically, I'ma tighten up the whole manufacturing process on this, my first run. Once the cat's outta the bag, there'll be no reason for any further secrecy, so on future projects, I'll finally be able to post every excruciating detail of the process as it happens! Now, that will be some sick-ass shit!

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